RRUFA Statement on Anti-Racism

In RRUFA, we strive to be not only non-racist, but actively anti-racist. In our education, daily interactions, administration, research, and teaching, we take a critical view of the role of the academy in general, and our work at RRU in particular, and the ways institutions of higher learning have been actively hostile to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Although each individual cannot always accurately assess the ways systems of colonialism and white supremacy have impacted their actions, we strive to constantly learn from mistakes, do better, and make amends for past wrongs. In order to achieve these goals, we have convened an anti-racism committee which is responsible for assessing all our current practices and identifying areas of improvement. We commit to the development of an action plan to help us be more actively anti-racist, and develop key areas of advocacy that we will continue to address in an effort to achieve additional opportunities for equity, diversity and inclusion at RRU and in our scholarly communities. BIPOC colleagues are fully supported and included in this shared work, and their input is valued and appreciated.

Proposed by the Anti-Racism Committee, and endorsed by the RRUFA membership on Monday October 5, 2020